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In the aftermath of a fire related disaster, there are many types of damage that will need to be addressed. Water and fire damage will pose the greatest immediate threat, but smoke and soot damage can not be overlooked. Smoke can cause irreversible damage to mirrors and glass windows, as well as difficult to remove odors that can actually pose health risks. Soot will travel throughout your property far beyond the reach of the fire, and will need to be cleaned with appropriate equipment to ensure no further damage is caused.

Call the experts at Core One Restoration when you are in need of smoke damage cleaning and soot removal in Myrtle Beach SC and beyond. Our technicians eliminate smoke damage and odors with effective techniques to get you back to your normal life.

Smoke Damage Cleaning & Soot Removal

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The Dangers Of Smoke Damage

Smoke is composed of burnt materials, mostly carbon, that is lifted by the hot air coming off a fire and transported throughout your property and beyond. This smoke will travel and come into contact with virtually every surface and material in its path. The more porous the material the more intensely the smoke will cling to the material, causing difficult to remove odors. Smoke also is very acidic which will impact some materials (like glass), more than others. The most common dangers of smoke damage include damage to:

Windows & Doors

Drapes & Curtains


Air Ducts

Clothing & Linens

Our Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

Give Core One Restoration a call when you need professional smoke damage cleaning. We will immediately send an IICRC certified technician to your property to conduct a free smoke damage inspection. This inspection will give us the information we need to prepare a smoke damage cleaning plan complete with cost and timeline estimates.

Once we’ve agreed upon a smoke cleanup plan, our technicians will immediately get started. Using the proper techniques and equipment our team will work to remove all soot and then focus our attention on the smoke damage.

A large part of smoke damage cleanup is actually working to remove the odors left behind. This is a part of the process that requires specialized equipment like themal foggers and hydroxl generators that can remove tough odors without causing any further damage to your property.

Core One Restoration is a comprehensive restoration company and a licensed general contractor. What this means is that we will handle any and all smoke damage repairs no matter the size or scope, and will not stop until your property has been fully restored to its pre-loss condition.

Smoke Deodorization & Smoke Odor Removal

There are several types of smoke damage, and depending on the materials burned in the fire (or cigarette smoke), the techniques used to remove the smoke will differ. At Core One Restoration, we are able to identify the type of smoke damage and apply the optimal deodorization method.

Depending on the type of smoke damage, our technicians will use some combination of dry scrubbing, wet scrubbing, thermal fogging, and hydroxyl generators to effectively remove the odors without causing any further damage to your property. Our smoke odor removal and smoke deodorization methods will help your dwelling smell fresh and clean again.

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