Water Damage & Flood Mitigation Services – Core One provides home and business owners with water damage mitigation service covering a wide range of flood emergencies. We are highly trained for the best in Myrtle Beach Water Damage Restoration and Repair Services. All of our services are always provided by expertly-trained and certified professionals. Contact us today for a water damage repair estimate.

1. Emergency Services

When you experience water damage, we are simply a phone call away and offer 24 hour emergency water cleanup services. Water damages can be a stressful experience and when you call us to respond, we totally understand what you are going through. As you speak with our representatives, you will be asked a few questions regarding the water damage. With the details that you provide, we will dispatch our trained team with the proper equipment needed to ensure that your problem is addressed as quickly as possible.

2. Inspection of the water damage

Our certified water damage repair technicians will evaluate the situation to get a good game-plan together to ensure no further damage occurs and to reverse the existing damage. This included identification of the type of water. The type or category of water contamination will largely determine the water cleanup and restoration process needed to properly restore your property.

We also verify there are no possible safety hazards and we have secured furniture, personal items and property, we can begin the mediation and restoration immediately.

3. Water Extraction

Water extraction is the actual removal of water from your property or home. We do this to help in the drying of the property and also to prevent mold and secondary water damage.

All wet materials on the floor have to be removed (rugs, pillows, clothing, toys,) away from the affected area.

Many times, quarterround trim, baseboard, non-salvageable drywall, and non-salvageable wet insulation have to be extracted along with carpeting, carpet pad and other types of flooring.

To help accelerate drying, sometimes, cabinets, drawers and doors may also need to be removed.

4. Properly Drying

To properly dry the affected area of the property, we monitor things like the temperature and humidity levels using specialized testers and moisture readers. The drying equipment will include industrial dehumidifiers and air movers designed to manipulate the inside environmental conditions. Even though the property may appear dry after water removal and extraction, in reality, most building materials will still retain a significant amount of moisture and that will lead to mold and secondary damages.

5. Sanitizing and Cleanup

Depending on the extent of the damage and after the drying process is complete, we will use antimicrobial and disinfectant treatments to sanitize and clean your property. This includes floors, walls and other surfaces as needed. Normally, damaged materials are disposed of as instructed by you and your insurance adjuster.

6. Repair and Restoration

In the final step, Core One Restoration will restore your property or home to its pre-water damage condition. It may include some minor repairs or it may entail significant repair. Our restoration crews can do it all including drywall, paint, flooring, cabinets and carpentry. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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