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Locally Trusted Water Damage Restoration Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC Water Restoration Services

Wilmington NC is no stranger to sudden water damage. In order to protect your home from serious secondary water damage, you need to move fast and get all the water out as soon as possible. The easiest way to do that is to hire a professional water damage restoration company that will provide you with comprehensive water restoration services in Wilmington NC.

Our restoration process includes a free inspection, emergency water removal, water restoration, and water damage repairs. 

Call Core One for comprehensive water restoration now. We work 24/7 for all water damage emergencies. 

Water Damage Restoration Wilmington NC

Common Causes of Water Damage

Core One Restoration has many years of experience in the water damage restoration industry. Our team has faced water damage coming from various different sources and has learned how to handle each and every one of them. By knowing the possible causes you can minimize the damage or maybe even completely prevent it. Some of the most common causes of water damage Wilmington NC are:

Flood Damage

Overflowing Bathtub or Sink

Plumbing Issues

Sewage Backup

Appliance Malfunctions

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Water Extraction Company

Water causes incremental amounts of damage with each minute that it stands on the property. Overexposure to water can lead to structural instability – making the entire structure hazardous. It also leads to the rotting of the construction materials and creates ideal conditions for mold growth. To prevent all of these serious secondary damages you need to remove ALL of the standing water ASAP.

Core One Restoration offers professional water extraction services 24/7 to all of Wilmington and beyond. Call now to protect your property and to save yourself significant time and money. 

All of our technicians are certified and experienced. We utilize only the best industrial-grade equipment. 

Water extraction Wilmington NC

Water Damage Wilmington Restoration Process

Core One Restoration works 24/7 to respond to your water damage emergencies. As soon as you contact us, we will dispatch an expert water restoration technician to your Wilmington property. They will inspect the area for the source of the damage as well as provide you with a detailed time and cost estimate. 

As soon as the inspection is finished we will get started on the water extraction process. By using industry-grade equipment like water mats. water pumps, vacuums and more we will quickly remove all the standing water.

Once the area is clear of standing water we will remove the oversaturated materials and dry all the rest. By using advanced dehumidifiers, moisture meters and air movers we can ensure that you property is safe from future mold and rot. 

The final step in the comprehensive water damage restoration process is to repair any water damages that might exist on your property. We can fix anything, big or small. 

Water Damage Repairs

Following a water damage loss, there are significant water damages that require professional repairs. If the contractor was not present from the start of the restoration process and if they do not have experience in dealing with water damage repairs, they will not know how to fix the damaged areas. 

Core One Restoration has extensive water damage repair experience and is ready to take on any project. We can repair anything as small as a broken pipe to bigger repairs like drywall replacement, floorboard repairs, or even full-scale remodeling projects. 

Count on us to complete your water repair project with ease. We treat your home as we would our own.

Water damage Repairs wilmington

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Why Choose Core one

Certified Technicians

Core One Restoration employs a team of certified technicians. The training and expertise on our team is unmatched in the restoration and reconstruction industries.

Advanced Equipment

Core One Restoration utilizes the most advanced equipment that is available on the market. This way we can work faster and more efficiently. 

Immediate Response

Core One Restoration offers immediate response services, 24/7, dispatching a technician to inspect your property within minutes of your call.